Information Evening - English spoken

Information Evening - spoken in English

Are you wondering what mindfulness is about, how it actually works and what the benefits are?

Let us walk you through the structure, processes of a mindfulness program as well as the requirements for an effective training of this scientifically proven concept for stress and pain relief.

Time:              Thursday 28th.  November 2019, 19.30h – 20.30h

Location         Begijnhof 20, Haarlem City Center

Costs:             €0,-    (free of charge)

Sign in:           Please sign in, as we have limited seats available.

Who will join this information evening?

Everyone who...

… would like to know more about this concept or program

...who is asking if mindfulness would be suitable for him/herself

… would like to explore the working style of the trainer

… would like to make acquaintance with the location and atmosphere

... has a common knowledge of English language (Dutch/Non-Dutch, Expats)

What are we going to do?

Within one hour we will present you details on the background of this evidenced based and scientifically proven stress reduction training. We will outline the different phases, the impact of the training on the brain and awareness; how does the group training work as well as the role of an individual participants within a group. Of course there will be plenty of room for your questions.

This information evening is free of charge.

How can I sign in ?

The information evening is free of charge. Please sign in as we have limited seats available

via mobile phone: Pls. send an sms to 06-10 25 00 77 with your name + information evening.


Or sign in via the contact form below.
[Note: We will not bother you with newsletters etc. neither do we sell any contact information]

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- - Participants  comments - - 

"Very nice down to earth explanation of mindfulness within one hour. Highly appreciated"


"I like the fact that they don't try to sell anything to you. It's informative and  there is room for (critical) questions."



"Very efficiently presented  information. Keep up the good work!"


"I now have a better understanding how a mindfulness programme works"


"Initially I felt not comfortable sharing personal information within a group. I now understand that I'm free to share what I want."


"Very interesting presentation on the impact on the brain and how this is related to stress or behavior. "


" I'm actually suprised that mindful mediation is not only about relaxation. It's has made me curious."