Private Classes & Coaching Mindfulness (in English)

Private Classes & Coaching Mindfulness (English or Dutch)

Perhaps a group training is not fitting into your schedule, or maybe you want to get the full attention of an coach on your situation, or simply follow Mindfulness in your own pace. Then private sessions could be a more suitable format for you than group classes.

The investment for an 'Individual Mindfulness Training' / private lessons
- An 8 week training investment €680,-

- If reimbursed by employer: €750 + 21% VAT

The private course consists of:
- an intake interview
- 8 sessions of approx. 100-120 min.
- workbook and audio to practice with at home
- a follow-up discussion some time after the training has ended

Duo sessions for couples 
If you come as a couple or pair, you will receive a €50 discount.
Thus: €630.- per person (if reimbursed by employer €700 per person + VAT)

Dates & Planning & Loaction

We use office hours for these private sessions. Since our group classes run in the evenings during the week our coaches are available for private classes during office hours. 

Monday to Thursday between 9:00h - 16:00h.

Friday: 9.00- 13.00

Make sure you check for their availability in advance.

Lessons are ment to take place weekly, depending on your possibilities and the availability of the teacher. Continuity is an important point here: too long lasting breaks between the sessions have an adverse effect on motivation according our experience.

Location: Begijnhof 20, Haarlem (city center), 8 min walk central station Haarlem
Download here the Route Descripton.


Why does it takes 8 weeks training to get there?

With any training you need to build up new skills. At the beginning we start with getting familiar with the available tools within your own brain-body-system and start training them.

As soon you have reached a specific level we move on and tackle more challenging topics. At the end we focus on the implementation and how to maintain those new skills for the future.

How much time do I need to invest?

Besides the 8 lessons, you generally need to invest 30-45 minutes training on a daily basis. The trainers will also provide you with small homework exercises to gather more insights on your own way of thinking and managing stressful situations.

Reimbursement by health insurances or your employer

Check with your health insurance or employer for reimbursment. Many organisation are willing for taking over costs. The trainer of this English spoken course is a certified trainer, member of the VMBN, category 1.

This is the highest certification and several health insurances partially or fully cover the trainings fee, depending on your supplemental contract agreements.

On this Dutch website you can find an overview which health insurances cover costs.

Private classes Mindfulness (English) Haarlem
Alexandra Pils Mindfulness trainer Haarlem English Dutch


[Senior Trainer Mindfulness] 


Alexandra (German) is a certified mindfulness trainer (category 1).

As an expert on themes related to stress management she is frequently invited as speaker or trainer in organisations or events.
She works annually with up to

200 clients from various levels of professional and cultural background. 

“Given my former profession as a communications manager you can expect a down-to-earth and structured approach in my trainings. I always try to offer a mixture of interactive discussion, exercises, theoretical content –
all with a great dose of humour.”



Get to know Alexandra and plan your intake meeting today.

or simply call:

Phone: 06-10 25 0077

Find more about Alexandra on LinkedIn

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How to sign in for private classes?

Please indicate your interest for a training by signing into our registration form on the right hand side of this page.

We will respond within 24 hours during office hours. Do not hesitate to contact the trainer directly for sending your contact details of for any other questions.

Registration process

  1. After your registration we will schedule an intake meeting or call of ca. 30-45 minutes

               The objective of this intake is:

                   - discussing your expectations and goals

                   - your current life situation and challenges.  

                  -  Planning/ availabilty

           2. After the intake we will arrange the adiministrative part.

About the teacher
Alexandra Pils is a VMBN registered
Mindfulness trainer (category 1).
This is the highest category and therefore
several Dutch health insurances (partially)
cover the costs of a Mindfulness training.
Make sure you'll check the requirement with

your health insurance.
Read references & reviews

Location: Begijnhof 20, Haarlem (city center)
Download here the Route Descripton.

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