Silent Meditation Retreat

Silent Meditation Retreat - Bi-Lingual: English & Dutch

A mindfulness silent meditation retreat lasts around 3.5 to 4 hours. During these 3.5 hours we practice various mindful meditation exercises in silence (e.g. sitting / breathing meditation, mindful walking, mindful listening ). All exercises are guided by the trainer (who is talking for the instructions).

The idea of a silent mediation retreat 
The idea of a mindful silent retreat is unplugging, slowing down and creating awareness from moment to moment, such as your movements, your wandering mind, your response.
Think about walking up or down the stairs, fully aware of all sensation while drinking a cup of tea or simply relax.

By embracing stillness, you will have the opportunity noticing better your state of mind, your bodily experiences or feelings.

What are we going to do?

We will start at 9.00 am (walk-in: from 8.45am) and end at 12.30/13.00h. During the welcome talking is allowed. First the teacher will outline the details of the program. As soon there are no more questions, the signal for silence follows.

Meditations: We will practice various mindful meditations such as yoga, body scan, breathing meditation, mindful listening or seeing.

Breaks: Every meditation exercise is followed by a break. So you have the space and time for reflection, for walking around, eating, drinking and/or writing down some notes. (Depending on the time and the weather, an exercise can also take place outside.)

Ending: After 3.5 hours we will end the mediation exercises and the silence. During the  last half an hour there is the possibility of sharing experiences. But you also have the choice taking the stillness with you by leaving quietly.

Who can join?

The silent meeting is open to anyone who is somewhat familiar with meditation (such as mindfulness, zen, yoga meditation, vipassana, etc.). 

CHANGE of LOCATION due to Covid-19

To ensure the1.5 meter distance, we have rented a DIFFERENT LOCATION for this silent retreat, with a space of 100-120 m2, extra windows and a garden for outdoor activities on hotter days (maximum 8 participants). Our own center and rooms are simply too small for groups and given the nature of sticking togethert for a few hours.
Due to all saftey quirements we have chosen a clubhouse of a scouting association.
Unfortunately, it is not the beautiful atmosphere that you are used to from the Mindfulness Center Haarlem. But this is mainly a temporary solution until the world is a bit safer for meetings in our own beautiful training center. 


Make sure you wear warm cloth, as we will open the windows more often or work outdoors. So it can get chilly!  

- Wear some comfortable clothing that doesn't pinch (layers).
- A pair of warm socks are always recommended.
- A notepad (in case you want to write something down).
- Bring your own lunch or snacks in case you get hungry.

We serve tea, water, coffee and cookies.


Due to hygiene rules of Covid 19, we are obliged to ask that participants bring their own yoga mat & materials. Note we are currently organizing this retreat in a scouting clubhouse. So there aren't any yoga mats or any other equipment for mediation practices.

- Yoga mat
- Blanket (or bath towel), so you don't get cold. (Note your body temperature drops during mediation

   even on a 25C summer day.)
- Lunch/ snacks

Note: dependend on the weather we might start outside in the gras field of the garden. So be prepared.

- thermo or water bottle so we can avoid traffic/crowd at the tea/coffee baar (1.5m rule)
- Slippers for walking to the WC, hall way or outside
- Socks for keeping your feet warm
- pen & notebook (in case you want to write something down).

BI-LINGUAL Retreat (English & Dutch)
The upcoming two retreats are perfomed bi-lingual (English & Dutch)

Date 1:   13th June 2021 (Sunday morning)

Date 2:   18th July 2021 (Sunday morning)

Time: Walking-in 8.45am| Start 9.00am| End 12.30| Optional discussion: till 13.00pm

CHANGED Location:  Verspronckweg 201 Haarlem
Group size:    max. 8 participants

Costs:             €28,-    

How can I sign in ?
Buy your ticket in the online shop

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Link for Online-ticket 13th June 2021

Link for Online-Ticket 18th July 2021 

For more information 
Call 06-10250077


Teacher: Alexandra Pils


Terms & Conditions 

Tickets are not refundable 7 days prior to the event date. You can cancel up to 7 days before the event. Mindfulness Center Haarlem always charges € 5,- cancellation and administration costs for this ticket service usage.

Refunds are not possible if cancellation is made within 7 days before the event. You may, in consultation, have someone else come in your place.

Each silent meeting reservation is unique and will provide access to the meeting in one place. If misuse (by copying tickets) takes place, all tickets will be cancelled.

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